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By Vineet Dikshit

Sunday the 28th of May, 2023, will not just be another day on the wall calendar but a date to remember for all times to come for India as it marked a new beginning in modern democratic India.

India just got its brand new Parliament House inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

With it begins a new hope for a multi-matrix of possibilities and combinations when in three years’ time the expected delimitation Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha constituencies takes place.

Keeping that increase in mind, the new Parliament House has been designed to accommodate additional seats.

The day also marked return of Sengol, the golden scepter that was marked-out as a symbol of transfer of power when India became independent 75 years ago.

On Sunday. The lost fame of Sengol was restored to its rightful place in the House of People where it is now enshrined on the right hand side of Speaker’s chair.

Hours before the packed new Lok Sabha witnessed the formal inauguration of the new Parliament House, Prime Minister Modi along with the Speaker of Lok Sabha Om Birla placed the five foot long golden mace at a specially created transparent silo where it now stands witness to the new India in making.