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On Tuesday the 14th of June 2022, the Union Cabinet finally approved a path braking decision to introduce attractive recruitment scheme for Indian youth to serve in the Armed Forces.

The scheme is called AGNIPATH and the youth selected under this scheme will be known as Agniveers. AGNIPATH allows patriotic and motivated youth to serve in the Armed Forces for a period of four years.

The AGNIPATH scheme has been designed to enable a youthful profile of the Armed Forces.

It will provide an opportunity to the youth who may be keen to don the uniform by attracting young talent from the society who are more in tune with contemporary technological trends and plough back skilled, disciplined and motivated manpower into the society.

It is envisaged that average age profile of Indian Armed forces would come down by about 4-5 years by implementation of this scheme.

The details of AGNIPATH scheme are: