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By Vineet Dikshit

India today warned China of ‘further complicating’ relations on two counts  – the controversial bridge over the Pangong Lake and an unwarranted letter written by their Political Counsellor to Indian MPs on the issue of Tibetans living in exile in India.

After reports first carried by various media with regard to a bridge being made by the Chinese over the Pangong Lake, the official spokesperson for Ministry of External Affairs, Arindam Bagchi told media persons on Thursday that – “this bridge is being constructed in areas that have been under illegal occupation by China for around 60 years now”.

“It is a known fact that India has never accepted such illegal occupation”, Arindam Bagchi said while addressing his weekly press briefing.

A large portion of Pangong Lake in Eastern Ladakh is still under illegal occupation of China.

The location of this controversial bridge falls inside the territory as claimed by India. The Chinese PLA have erected their military installations on both sides of the Lake.

The international boundary between India and China is yet to be demarcated as per the Vienna Conventions. And till such time, the separation between the two nations along the Himalayas is known as Line of Actual Control  – the LAC.

With regard to reports about the Political Counsellor at the Chinese embassy in New Delhi writing letters to Indian MPs purportedly advising them against taking part in an event organized for Tibetan exiles living in India, Bagchi said “the substance, tone and tenor of the letter are inappropriate”.

The ministry spokesperson added that India “expects the Chinese to refrain from hyping normal activities by Indian MPs and (thereby) further complicate bilateral relations”.

In wake of recent spurt of COVID19 positive cases, the MEA’s weekly presser on Thursday was again held in a virtual mode.