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By all means it was a big achievement for India and in particular the Ministry of External Affairs after the successful conduct of day long Virtual Summit of the Global South – the second one held this year itself.

In his concluding remarks the Prime Minister Narendra Modi said  both these summit meets have send across one strong message Global South wants ‘autonomy’ and its voice is now clearly heard on global scale.

The PM said  – “Two summits of the Global South being held in a year and a large participation in it send out a big message to the world. The message is: Global South wants its autonomy and it wants its voice to be heard on Global Governance..India is proud that during an important forum like the G20, we got the opportunity to put the voice of the Global South on the agenda,” he said.

He added, “The credit for this goes to your strong support and firm belief in India. For this, I am really grateful to you. And I believe that was raised during the G20 summit will be echoed in upcoming forums.”
While speaking at the Concluding Leaders Session of the VOGSS the Prime Minister specifically mentioned the humanitarian aid sent by India to multiple countries during tough times and emphasised continuing in the upcoming days.
He said, “Last month, we provided 60 tonnes of medicines and supplies to Palestine. After an earthquake on November 3 in Nepal, Bharat also sent more than 3 tonnes of medicinal supplies help to the country. Bharat will feel happy to share its digital health service delivery capabilities with Global South.”

Earlier in the day during his inauguration speech Modi announced the creation of a new think-tank global centre for excellence of the aptly named as DAKSHIN which actually stands for Development and Knowledge Sharing Initiative.

He stated, “During the 1st Voice of the Global South Summit, I talked about some of the commitments and feeling happy that there is progress in it. Today morning, a global centre for excellence, DAKSHIN was launched. The center will focus on researching developmental issues related to the developing countries.”