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The awaited ferry service between India and Sri Lanka was inaugurated on 14th of October 2023.

The official launch of the ferry was by External Affair Minister Dr S Jaishankar in Nagapattinam.

“This is truly a big step”, EAM said for the people-to-people contact between the two countries.

The distance between the ferry points  – from Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu to Kankesanthurai in Sri Lanka is 110 kilometers or 60 nautical miles.

The travel time to reach northern parts of Sri Lanka in three to four hours. Compared to the present time taken to reach Jaffna in Sri Lanka which is almost a day long movement – Chennai to Colombo by air and then to Jaffna by road  – the ferry service is destined to bring wholesome cheers across the borders.

According to official sources, there will be a higher baggage allowance of 50 kg compared to 15 kg in the Chennai-Jaffna sector by air.

Travellers carrying large baggage (50 kg) could easily travel to the northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka in 3-4 hours instead of undertaking a long journey by air to Colombo followed by a tedious 8-10 hours’ road journey to the northern part of Sri Lanka

Pilgrims from Sri Lanka visiting India will now be able to reach with ease to then temples (Saneeswaram temple at Thirunallar, Rameshwaram, Madurari and Tanjore), Church (Velankanni) and Mosques (Nagore).
News agency ANI was reporting that ferry service will continue its present spell until October 2023 this year before the North-East Monsoon sets in Tamil Nadu and the Sri Lankan coast.

Thereafter the ferry service will again resume during the post monsoon season or during the fair weather season in January 2024.