By Vineet Dikshit

NewsGate Press Network

Fast paced developments taking place in the Parliament indicate that once the new Sansad Bhavan is formally inaugurated later this month – many similar or identical sections operating separately in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha secretariats will be combined.

According to sources, divisions that are most likely to be brought together in the first phase includes table, bill and lobby offices of both the Houses.

A unified security department representing workforce from both the Houses is also being implemented in a phased manner.

To start with all different vehicle passes issued separately by both the LS and RS secretariats are being done away with while a unified and a better organised system of signages is being introduced.

News regarding Prime Minister likely to inaugurate the new Parliament House later this month had already appeared in the media on Wednesday.

Though there was a fair amount of resistance from few stubborn bureaucrats from LS & RS secretariats in the initial days of government moving towards a unified work culture operating from the new Parliament House, things appear to have fallen in places as date for inauguration of the new and bigger Sansad Bhavan is round the corner.

On Wednesday the 17th of May 2023, Jagdeep Dhankhar, Chairman of Rajya Sabha addressed employees working within the ambit of RS and prepared them for things to happen before shifting to New Parliament Building.

The next session of both the Houses, that is the Monsoon Session will be held in new chambers of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

The bigger and larger Parliament House will accommodate the increased number of seats of both the Houses once delimitation is done in 2026.

Most likely the increased strength of Lok Sabha after 2026 could touch 846 seats. As of now it has 543 seats.