By Vineet Dikshit

NewsGate Press Network

As the day nears to inaugurate a brand new and bigger Parliament House on 28th May, both the opposition and the running combine traded charges on the question ‘who should inaugurate it’.

The call from opposition parties say that it should be inaugurated by the President of India whereas it has already been announced that Prime Minister will formally open it doors, this weekend on 28th May.

The main charge levelled by Congress is that day selected to inaugurate the new Parliament also happens to be the birth anniversary of V D Sarvarkar who is revered by the BJP as one of their biggest icons.

On Monday the 22nd of May, both the BJP and Congress parties in their daily media briefings charges against each other.

The spokesperson for BJP, Gaurav Bhatia said Congress leaders have a habit to say ‘useless things’. Bhatia was seen quoted by various news media stating that “Veer Savarkar is the pride of every Indian. Those who are questioning the date, tell them that they are inconsequential, not even worth the dust on Veer Savarkar’s feet”.

The Urban Development minister Hardeep Puri tweeted stating that “Congress has a habit of raking controversies where none exist. While President is the Head of State, PM is the Head of Govt & leads the Parliament on behalf of the Govt, whose Policies are effected in form of Laws. The President is not a Member of either House, whereas PM is,”.

The new Parliament House will have a increased seating capacity as compared to the existing chambers of Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

Since the new structure does not have a Central Hall, all future joint sessions in the new Parliament will be held inside the Lok Sabha chamber which can accommodate seats for 1,280 MPs.

It may be recalled that three years from now in the year 2026 a new delimitation of parliamentary constituencies will be carried out increasing the total number of Lok Sabha and Rajya constituencies as per the new population figures.