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State government in Delhi on Sunday the 6th of November 2022 lifted some restrictions as air quality improved albeit marginally.

The Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) has now withdrawn the earlier order banning BSIII and BS IV diesel vehicles from city roads.

It also lifted the restrictions imposed on trucks carrying non-essential items and goods vehicles.

The decision was taken as the AQI improved from 381 on Saturday to 339 on Sunday.

What is allowed:

  1. Diesel cars that are not BS Vi compliant can now run on Delhi roads again
  2. Trucks carrying non-essential items can enter the city
  3. Commercial goods vehicles carrying non-essentials items can run inside the city
  4. Construction projects such as highways, roads, flyovers etc can restart
  5. Orders issued by offices for Work from Home can be withdrawn

What is still not allowed:

  1. Construction and demolition expect for activities mentioned above will not be allowed
  2. Diesel generators will not be used, unless it is for emergency services such as medical facilities, lifts, Metro, railway, projects of national importance etc.
  3. Use of coal in eateries for tandoors ovens. In industrial areas in the NCR that do not have PNG supply, industries not running on approved fuels can only operate five days a week.