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By Vineet Dikshit

India has constructed the world’s highest motorable road at a crazy height of 19,300 feet above the sea level.

The formal announcement by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) took place on Wednesday evening, 04 August 2021  – the tarmac of the Umlingla Pass road connecting Chumar village via Chisumle and  Demchok is now operational.

The location is in one corner of Eastern Ladakh very close to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) – an undefined border with China.

MoD statement said the engineers and workmen from Border Road Organisation (BRO) completed the difficult task of this construction of black-topped road in Eastern Ladakh.

The previous world record of a high altitude motorable road stood at 18,953 ft. in Bolivia, South America.

The new 52 km long Umlinga Pass tract at 19,300 ft. is a boon to local population and offers an alternate direct route to Chumar village from Chisumle, Demchok and Leh.


The MoD statement added that in the long run it will enhance the socio-economic condition and promote tourism in Ladakh.

Infrastructure development in such harsh and tough terrain is extremely challenging. During winter months, the temperatures at these heights dips to -40 degrees and oxygen level is almost 50 percent less than what is at normal places.

The BRO has achieved this feat due to grit and resilience of its personnel who work in treacherous terrain and extreme weather conditions.

To give a clearer perspective, the Defence Ministry said that the new Umlingla Pass road has been constructed at an altitude higher than both the base camps of the Mt Everest in Nepal.

The South Base Camp at the Everest is at an altitude of 17,598 ft, while North Base Camp, which is in Tibet, is at 16,900 ft.

And to add another unique fact, the new road has been constructed much above the height of Siachen Glacier 17,700 ft and the Khardung La Pass 17,582 ft.